Social networks make are an integral part of all our lives. Some people use them for politics, for those who waste time, for those who seek fame and then there are those who use them to try to improve the world economic system. And ‘the case of SixthContinent, economic platform created by Fabrizio Politi , which brings together ordinary citizens, small businesses and large global companies such as Amazon, Trony, Zalando and many more, to give new life to the market worldwide.

Fabrizio Politi is an entrepreneur who a few years ago sold its shipyards for luxury yachts because of the strong impact that the crisis has had on the global economy.

He has since pledged to find a solution to the problem that affects all of us and on October 12, 2013 he presented his idea at the Confcommercio of Milan: SixthContinenth .

The SixthContinent operation is simple but effective. As an aside, for both private individuals and companies, it is totally free. Every user can make his purchases via free apps for web and mobile and whenever a transaction occurs, the seller enters into a percentage (usually 6% is the most common) system that is distributed as follows:

  • 1% to SixthContinent to allow the total gratuity of the platform
  • 1% to the one who made the purchase
  • 4% is distributed among all members of the social network

The main idea is to create a basic income to all those who register on the platform. Each user has its own electronic wallet where you accumulate these credits you can spend on their online purchases and not.

The main advantage of the idea of Politi is that regardless of whether you make purchases or not, every citizen, this is the definition of social network users, increasing its purchasing power accumulating credits can reuse.

The app, also free, is based on an algorithm, the Mo.Mo.Sy (Moderate Monetary System), which performs a classification of more than 600,000 companies; these companies are divided into virtuous , that is, those that generate wealth in the communities they serve, and not virtuous, ie that take more resources to market than they actually produce impoverishing.

SixthContinent is a real revolution in the field of social shopping because it allows businesses and individuals to get in touch in order to give a boost to the global economy, there where the policy has been unable to find a solution to the problem.

Interviewed by several reporters, Fabrizio Politi told of his experience and his vision of this project. “With the crisis, everything has changed and the policy has not been up to find appropriate responses. Change the cash flows is critical to achieving a more equitable distribution through the shift in consumption towards honest businesses. The ultimate goal of social networks is to move 42 trillion euro from businesses and stores that they deserve. To do this you must create a system motivating and engaging. “

In conclusion, the social network  SixthContinent of Fabrizio Politi, is a reality that aims to concretely help those who have been affected by the crisis, companies and citizens of all, creating a system that feeds itself through transactions that generate income and discounts for future purchases of membership.

So a virtuous visionary concept mixed with a dose of pragmatism.

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